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Tuning (English expression translated as tuning, optimization and customization) or car tuning (tuning / customization of cars) is a hobby that is to actually change the characteristics of a car at an extreme level of customization. In the context it is customary to print the car a bit of the personality of its owner, is being widely used to add value to sports cars, thus becoming the art of giving the car more performance, more security, more beauty, making it different and unique. The tuning is applicable to virtually all the components of a car: wheels , tires, suspension, engine modifications, interior, bodywork, exhaust pipes, audio. Some people spend a value above the price of the car itself with parts and accessories such as bumpers, wings, skirts, neon, systems ² NO (nitrous oxide), etc.. All these components may be revised in order to have a superior behavior or an aspect that makes a car “serial” something exclusive and unique.
The tuning should not only make your car more beautiful. Changes made, in addition to having aesthetic concerns, should add features to the car in order to make it more potent, not neglecting the safety and behavior of the car, which are the main features to achieve. Usually these changes are based on the competition, with the European Championships and Super Stock car Tourism, contributing significantly to the spread of Tuning worldwide. Launched in 2001, the movie “Fast and Furious”, sparked the trend worldwide.
NNTuning: Defining conductor of high quality, able to achieve excellent performances in their driving.