Is fake the video of a double bed jumping over several trucks? The video looks real, but it’s not!

The video circulates online since at least July 2013, and comes with several titles – some even calling it the world record for bed jumping. People who believed the video was real did not notice the fact that the video was shared on YouTube and elsewhere – in comedy, entertainment, or People and Blogs categories. GiphyThis video supposedly showing an incredible bed bounce is actually part of an ad for the condom manufacturer Durex Eternal Silicon lubricant product, which you can see in the second video. After the bed jump was “staged” on the trucks the commercial Durex comes with a message saying ” Slide more than you expect, ” and the couple in bed ends up saying ” We did it!


So the crazy video showing a double bed jumping over a series of trucks is a scam;Was taken from a commercial Durex product.