Angiokeratoma is a benign cutaneous lesion of capillaries, resulting in small red to blue marks and characterized by hyperkeratosis. Angiokeratoma corporis diffusumrefers to Fabry disease, but this is generally considered a distinct condition.

Signals and symptons

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Fordyce angiokeratoma


In some cases, nodular angiokeratomas may produce necrotic tissue and valleys that may harbor fungal, bacterial, and viral infections. Infections can include staphylococci. If the injury becomes painful, begins to drain fluids or pus, or begins to smell, consult a physician. In these cases, a physician may recommend extraction and grafting.


Black spots on the testicles

Hi, I’m wondering why I have black / dark spots that are small and some are created on my testicles? They are like in line with the veins that surround the testicles, they do not hurt or itch, but are annoying to see there, it almost looks like they are blood clots or something wrong with the veins ??

I think I found the problem.
His problem may be Fordyce’s angiokeratoma, which is a benign disease, and is due to a collection of very small veins, in which case a single lesion may bleed. It is important that you see a urologist or dermatologist for a thorough evaluation.

Fordyce’s Injury

Also known as:
Fordyce angiokeratoma

Angiokeratoma scrotii, scrotal angiomas, scrotum phlebectasia.

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John Addison Fordyce

Scrotal angiomas without significance. A disorder commonly seen in the elderly, characterized by multiple, spherical, reddish to black, High lesions rarely above 4 mm in diameter, which usually follow the course of the scrotal veins. The lesions are divided by irregular septa into cavernous spaces filled with blood.