Picasso / Dalí. Dalí / Picasso

June 27, 2017 0 By Renan W. Silva

Dalí admired Picasso and made Picasso to admire him . The evil tongues intent fomenting the bad relationship between the two geniuses, but it is evident that they maintained a certain friendship . Now we can delve into its parallels thanks to the exhibition Picasso / Dalí. Dalí / Picasso , which organize the Picasso Museum in Barcelona and the Dalí Museum in Saint Petersburg (Florida) , in collaboration with the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation in Figueras . “The three entities have made possible the first exhibition and joint study of both artists with a total of 78 pieces “, celebrates Bernardo Laniado-Romero, director of the museum. The forecasts of the public are very optimistic:

“The exhibition was unveiled in November at the Dalí Museum in Saint Petersburg (Florida) and will not travel to other cities,” says Laniado-Romero to encourage everyone to visit. “We would like Barcelona’s public to make it their own,” he adds. Like Dalí and Picasso they became, for a time, the city of Barcelona. Through paintings, drawings, collages, sculptures and engravings , the exhibition has an argument based on the relationship between the two giants of the twentieth century. “We have looked at the moments of contact in both his life and his art, ” says curator William Jeffett of the Dalí Museum. “We have works coming from museums in Germany, Canada, the United States, Spain, France, Sweden and the United Kingdom,” says Laniado-Romero,

Paris, meeting city

They met in Paris . A young Dalí visited the studio of a famous Picasso in 1926 and on entering said: “Before visiting the Louvre I decided to come and see him.” To which the painter from Malaga replied: “This is what you have to do.” From there begins a relationship marked by respect and admiration , with ups and downs , that was maintained throughout their lives. There are pieces that were rarely exhibited in Europe, such as Dalí’s “Portrait of My Sister” (1923), which takes on a new dimension situated face to face with Picasso’s “Portrait of Olga” painted in 1917. « They are identical in composition and chromatism and confirm that, in this case, Dalí was very aware of the work of Picasso, “notes Jeffett.

The Civil War marked a turning point in their relationship. “Each one treated it in a powerful, and often allegorical, way with works such as Dalí’s” Civil War Preliminary ” and Picasso’s” Guernica ” . Here we can see “Head weeping with handkerchief”, which

Picasso made in 1937, “explains Jeffett. At the end of the exhibition shows the admiration of both artists by Goya and Velázquez . “They are discovered when, in the 1950s, they both became aware of their place in the history of art and began to think about their future personal museums,” Jeffett reflects. From this moment arise paintings such as the great series of “Las Meninas” by Picasso , which he painted in 1957 and donated to his museum in Barcelona, ​​and “Copy of El niño de Vallecas de Velázquez” By Picasso (1985). And do not miss the “Portrait of Pablo Picasso in the XXI century” offered by Dalí. An explosion of surrealism.