cwp_admin_1[1]As long as you ask me for a free control panel for your servers, I decided to start using one and I opted for Centos WebPanel  (CWP).

Requirements for installing Centos WebPanel

  • It works with static IP, which most servers have, but if you mount it locally, the IP change can fail you.
  • CWP does not have an uninstaller, so if you want to remove it, touch format
  • We need Centos version 6 ( 64bit recommended )
  • All the commands that I put, you must put it in the console of SSH ( by putty )

Configure Server Hostname

The hostname is the identifier of the machine, it should never be the domain you use, but a subdomain, for example,


Install the wget function

Yum -y install wget

We update our system

Yum -y update

Reboot the system


Once the server is configured and updated, we will proceed to install CWP, but we will have to choose which database engine we want.

Install MySQL or MariaDB

Now here we have the option to install MySQL or MariaDB , which really come to be the same, but have been changed to a GPL license. I’m going to install MariaDB , it serves us perfectly and the connection and API is used just like MySQL, so it will not fail our WordPress or anything.

Installing Centos WebPanel with MySQL

cd /usr/local/src
sh cwp-latest

Install Centos WebPanel with MariaDB

cd /usr/local/src
sh cwp-latest -d mariadb

Now this process will take a little ( from 15 to 30 minutes ) and then give us access to our control panel through a URL.

Centos WebPanel is already installed totally free.