I have noticed this comment in El Pais, still about the attacks in Barcelona:

What would happen if a colony of Spanish immigrants in Morocco did in the name of Christianity what they do here in the name of Islam? Surely, after the second attack, not a single Spaniard would have been alive. Jury!!

In http://elpais.com/Comentario/1503437989-25813b66c7800e0da5c144f0e386253d

Also to this:

It is curious to try to blame the victims, Western society for the failures of Muslim societies. They have not been able to develop their countries even with oil, because they live in the Middle Ages.They flee from wars and misery and are forced to enter or force illegal entry into our countries. They are given social benefits, which we have gained after generations of work and effort. They do nothing to integrate, rather pretend to the contrary, that we change our culture to “feel at home.” They attack innocent citizens in our streets, sowing terror. And there is still someone who challenges this reality and pretends that we sympathize with them ?

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