The 10 safest countries in the world 2017/2018

September 5, 2017 0 By Renan W. Silva

# 10 Slovenia 91. 39

Although it was not long before it became a totalitarian regime, Slovenia now ranks last in the list of the ten safest countries , since it quickly became a very peaceful and orderly country. Its  homicide rate is 0.7 murders per 100,000 inhabitants, an absolute success if we consider that in  Honduras, the most dangerous in the world , 66 of every 100 thousand inhabitants perish as a victim of a violent crime.

# 9 Canada 91. 58

A nation that despite haSafest-places-794674[1]ving considerably flexible policies on possession of weapons, barely records 1, 73 murders per 100,000 inhabitants, less than half of its neighbor, the United States .  The security in Canada is rising, that although the majority of its inhabitants live in cities and high immigration rate recorded since those who come are well accepted and integrated into society.

# 8 Austria 91. 67

The Austrians do not know the fear nor are worried that they are going to assault them, since their rate of homicides is 0, 9 for every 100 thousand people. Security, good education and public services, make Austria a quiet country and educated people, however, because of repeated episodes of discrimination , fails to increase more positions in the ranking.

# 7 Czech Republic 92. 08

A country that, having achieved independence relatively recently, stands as a safe place to live , with low crime and strong stability. Its murder rate is 1 murder per 100 thousand inhabitants, which makes this tourist destination a desirable place and not only for its beauty and culture.

# 6 Japan 92. 33

A country that grows and grows, based on the strong culture of the work of its inhabitants, who are also very respectful of the rest, which leads to Japan having a low crime rate . With only 0, 3 homicides per 100 thousand inhabitants, we hope that this peace lasts, since the western culture is entering with force to this country and with her the evils that brings incorporated.

# 5 Denmark 95. 56

The picturesque Scandinavian nation is a quiet place in which its inhabitants live in peace , thanks to a system of equity without large economic gaps. Its homicide rate is 0.8 per 100,000 inhabitants, which is undoubtedly the product of an excellent educational system and respect for others.

# 4 Switzerland 92. 75

They are the fourth safest country in the world . The Swiss are serious people and that helps them to live in peace . With a homicide rate of 0.6 per 100,000 inhabitants, Switzerland works as well as its clocks, as well as being a neutral territory  that never takes part in international conflicts, also having some of the most reputed schools in the world.

# 3 Norway 92. 74

Norway ties with Switzerland in the index, also sharing the rate of 0, 6 murders per 100 thousand inhabitants. A cold place, with long winters and lots of socialization indoors, which does not make it more violent. Norwegians are very open, tolerant and respectful of human rights , qualities that make them become a safe and friendly society.

# 2 Sweden 93. 35

Another Scandinavian nation that stands as the second safest in the world, with a death rate for homicides of 0.7 per 100 thousand people . Although it is a tourist place, criminality is almost non-existent. The Swedes believe in gender equality, rights and a state that protects and serves them in all their needs, no matter if they are rich or middle class, since poverty does not take place in a nation that respects each other.

# 1 Iceland 93. 45

The safest country in the world is Iceland , a place where you can leave the doors of your house open, your bike without padlock in the street and move without fear of being robbed and attacked, not for nothing there is only 0, 3 homicides for each 100 thousand inhabitants. With privileged landscapes and extremely friendly people, Iceland is a good place to live, if you can withstand its winters, but the company of its inhabitants is enough to pass the cold.