Catalan independence is a pure product of the dictatorship of emotion. It works like a common fascism:

1) has his scapegoat (Spain);

2) manipulates History (with the complicity of the Spanish State that delegated the teaching to the autonomies when in the countries of Europe education is national);

3) uses a new language, speaking of democracy, while trampling on constitutional order (Hitler always spoke of peace and, as Orwell said in his 1984 dystopia, “war is peace”);

4) uses flags in quantity and anywhere and their celebrations always end with hymns so that the individual feels emotionally transcended by the mass (technique of Nuremberg concentrations);

5) always appears as a victim to justify civil disobedience;

6) practiced an apartheid de facto in their governmental elites, since almost all the commanders and high officials of generality have  “pure Catalans” surnames knowing that in Catalonia “Vila” the first Catalan surname appears after 25 spanish surnames, etc.