The public company Divalterra, in Valencia, Spain, finalizes a cartographic server for the use of the firemen, through which they can make a quick recognition of the terrain affected by the fire and its environs and detect possible risks. It is a “powerful digital tool” that will be installed on their tablets or mobile devices and accessed with a password.


The application or cartographic server will allow firefighters to know at what point and at what distance from the fire are the closest hydrants , as well as their state; if there are adjoining buildings that pose a risk to the intervention, either because of the height or because inside it is stored chemical or pyrotechnic material, for example; the details of the accesses and the width of the streets; or nearby industrial zones and their evacuation plans, among other useful information.

Among the data collected by this digital tool – maps in the language of the server – includes information on roads, aircraft bases and helicopters , fire stations, water points, firebreak areas, high-rise buildings, and urban, rural, natural and industrial areas with business activity, with additional information on the risk of certain activities.