The state-owned companies closed the month of September with 506,800 employees, which means the lowest level since the end of 2010 (497,036), according to figures from the Ministry of Planning.

According to the secretary of Coordination and Governance of State Companies, Fernando Antônio Ribeiro Soares, this fall in the number of state employees is related to voluntary company termination programs .

In this year, there was a share capital in the following state companies: Caixa Econômica Federal, Companhia de Recursos de Pesquisa Mineral (CPRM), Eletrobras, Infraero, Dataprev, Banco do Nordeste, Mint, Codesa, Valec, Amazul, EBC, Correos and Nuclear Industries of Brazil (INB). With this, there was a disconnection, in the partial of 2017, of 26.33 thousand employees.

According to him, the government will further reduce the number of state employees by the end of 2017. “To end the year with less than 500 thousand is fully feasible to do … We have PDVs in the aftermath, and others that will be open, “he added.

“The job is to recover state-owned companies, reduce costs, increase productivity, bring them closer to market indicators. It’s essentially state-owned companies that have sustainability,” said Secretary Fernando Soares of the Ministry of Planning.

Number of companies also fell

According to data from the Ministry of Planning, the number of state-owned enterprises also fell this year. At the end of last year, there were 154 state-owned enterprises. In September this year, the number dropped to 149 companies. By the end of the year, the secretary said, this number should go back, but gave no further details.

“The sectors that Brazil operates [with state-owned companies] are in line with the rest of the world. Most state-owned companies are financial and infrastructure companies, where most of our companies are concentrated. is relevant to giving fiscal sustainability (in public accounts) to the country, we will do it, “Soares told reporters.

According to him, the government wants to understand the sector where the state company is inserted. The analysis that is being done is whether the sector where the company operates is “well served”. “If you are, we can think of another mechanism around state,” Soares said.