The Company of Warehouses and General Warehouses of São Paulo (CEAGESP) is a brazilian joint-stock corporation linked to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply and represents an important link in the supply chain of vegetables.


It enables the production of the field, coming from several brazilian states and from other countries, to reach the table of people with regularity and quality. To do so, it has two distinct business units, which are complementary: storage and distribuition .

In this way, the Company guarantees, in a sustainable manner, the infrastructure necessary for wholesalers, retailers, rural producers, cooperatives, importers, exporters and agroindustries to carry out their activities with a guarantee of safety, efficiency and qualified services.

In order to have a sense of the size of the company, CEAGESP maintains the largest public network of warehouses, silos (large deposits, cylinder shaped, for storing agricultural products) and bulk carriers (places receiving or harboring goods in bulk) from the State of Sao Paulo.

It also has the largest central supply of fruits, vegetables, flowers, fish and various (garlic, potatoes, onions, dried coconut and eggs) in Latin America – the Terminal Warehouse São Paulo (ETSP) . Located in the western part of the city of São Paulo, has around 50 thousand people and 12 thousand vehicles circulating daily.